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Making special easy!

We don't want to sound creepy here, but we'd like to dream together with you about your celebration.  When you know the wedding or event is happening, you probably have a date, but do not know how or who is going to make it look fab.  That's where we come in.  


To bring an event to life, it needs a design and then to be styled according to the design on the day to have your guests buzzing about it!


We can take the stress away by helping with the design and/or styling on the day.  Our Full Styling & Set Up Package includes both of these so you don't have to worry about the look of the event and it will just happen!  


This is where you engage us to help pin down the aesthetic and vibe or theme with you - always reflecting your story.  We love to listen first and hear your ideas, or if you want to hand it over to us completely, we can do this too!

Since certain functions, eg weddings, are so personal we always meet for a coffee and chat to see if we are a match first! (Coffee's on us!).

We start with an overall design concept, design proposal with colour palette and focal areas.  We can recommend other creative vendors to achieve the vision - such as florists, cake makers, linens etc.

Note: initial consultation to be within 25km of Handmaid's base or may incur a fee.



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Styling is physically putting the pieces together on the day so that all the design-related aspects surrounding your event come to life!


We can just set up and/or pack down for you if you have your own design already or we can work closely with you to create a bespoke event design for some or all parts of your celebration.


We begin with an initial consult to see if we are a match and if so, we can meet for a site visit and chat!

Note: initial consultation to be within 25km of Handmaid's base or may incur a fee.

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