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Wooden Rustic Triangle Arch

Wooden Rustic Triangle Arch


Stained, wooden rustic triangle arch - 3.65m high 


Our triangle arch comes apart into 5 x pieces for ease of transport and so needs to be assembled on-site by inserting two screws and putting in two bolts.   (A drill is needed but drill bit and screws are supplied).  It should take about 20 minutes to assemble and you'll need 3-4 people.


When erected: 3.65m tall x  2m wide at base.
 (Note: if it is erected outdoors  and as a tall, freestanding arch in wind, the client may need to consider bracing it further.)


Please note that while this looks fab when up, it is rustic.  To enable for ease of transport, it breaks into smaller parts but you can see the bits where it is joined when erected. 

Dismantled for transport:

  • Top Piece of Triangle: 1150mm x 770mm;
  • 2 x Middle Pieces: 1400mm x 90mm;
  • 2 x Legs: 1360mm x 1600mm (These can be dismantled into smaller pieces if necessary but handy if together to make putting up easier).