The Handmaiden

We are purveyors of celebrations!

We can't think of a better industry to be in than weddings and events, surrounded by ALL the good vibes and sooo much love.  Sigh.

We believe that life is too darn short NOT to be celebrated!  This includes personal events, just-because events and corporate events too -  your employees and your business successes should also be celebrated. 

Charlotte started Handmaid after she created her own wedding and couldn't believe the amount of waste and, let's not mince words, the proliferation of crap in the industry.  Things just ain't made like they used to be, so she collected lots of beautiful vintage, quality and handmade items from all over.  In a hire business, these can be used to make your celebration beautiful while also treading lightly on the Earth.

When her wedding was over and done with, she decided to kick her commute and legal career to the curb and start Handmaid because life really is short and while we've got it, it should be celebrated!    


While Charlotte liked being a lawyer a whole heap, she freaking loves being part of people's special celebrations more - she's now surrounded by happy excited people all the time and loves the creativity of working with celebrations and events.  


Charlotte's personal, warm connections with her clients, her clear communication, understanding of her clients' visions and her eye for detail has been reflected in wonderful feedback from her years at Handmaid.  

She also is super fussy about who helps with Handmaid to make sure they reflect all the good feels that Handmaid is built upon.  And she is so lucky to have some ridiculously special and creative Handmaidens to help.

Charlotte operates Handmaid around her beloved Irishman and her two (sometimes) little darlings and loves building her business on the beautiful Kapiti Coast

We love what we do so let us know if you need help with your next celebration - be it hire items, Sadie Swoon (our caravan bar) or styling! 

Social Responsibility

We believe in starting as we mean to go on...that's why Handmaid has been committed from the start to be a socially responsible business.
Handmaid is founded on core values and principles of outstanding customer service and a commitment to our local and global communities.
While Handmaid is a small business, being small gives us no excuse not to give back in various ways.  We were told to wait until we were bigger or have more money but we believe we should all start as we mean to go, even if it seems small.  It's personal.  So right from the outset, we gave back.
We're committed to giving time and money to places locally and globally that we feel passionate about.  We have helped in lots of little ways around the community (school fairs, Matariki celebrations, donations to amazing NGOs like Kapiti Youth Support (one of our favs) and the Breast Cancer Foundation, just to name a few!), and even to the big wide world (for example, to helping through Zidesha).